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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a man stumbles upon suitcases. see the shocker when he unzips that bag. a child is caught in the middle of a train brawl. window. >> what sent a lot of passengers down the wrong track. doing this with a motorcycle is basically like taking your suv and doing stunts with it. how teach mcneill is schooling the bike world. plus, bonus giveaway day means your shot to win a new ipad mini or a flat-screen tv. and dude plans an anniversary surprise that -- >> didn't turn out well for him.
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>> stop it! >> i hope they have renter's this police officer in the czech republic took a little trip to the city center. he was in for. suitcases. once he starts to open them -- eight little black puppies, five are female and three were male, and the whimpering that he hears is what attracted him to the suitcases in the first place. they were underfed and he believed they had hypothermia, so he called some of his colleagues over at animal control and they quickly took them. good thing he ran up on the puppies, though, because they were able to nurse them back to health. >> what kind of awful person goes through the process of finding three suitcases, jamming animals inside, zipping it up,
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what a jerk! >> it's really strange behavior. >> sociopathic. >> it's a happy ending for the pups because the folks over at animal control, they are now fed and happy and just ready for a home. >> i wish there was something left behind in a zipper or pocket to help identify them. maybe a leftover boarding pass or something with a code. >> they are not sure who left the puppies there at the park. because they say there doesn't look like any physical abuse, they won't look into it to press charges. i think their main priority at this point is just making sure the puppies are well cared for. a very heated brawl in this train in lima, peru. >> all the zoos are doing a whole lot of zeros. >> let me rewind to the beginning of this video and you'll understand why this even started in the first place. the video starts off, there's already screaming going on, you
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seat. there's already an exchange between her and the woman right a child. now it turns out that the seat with special needs. changes. one seat on either side where people that need to sit down, well. >> and most of the time people give them back as expected. but pay attention to the woman with the child. in spanish she's demanding that this girl get up. she just handed her kid over to her friend that is with her so she can then free herself to take that seat. now, you can catch the girl sitting down saying there are nicer ways of asking for this seat. according to reports, another eyewitness said the lady with a kid was a little rude and very demanding. the girl sitting down just not really annoyed and decided she was not going to give up her seat that easily.
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because she's like, hold your >> the chick is like, you're going to move and the other chick is like, if you were nicer maybe we could have worked this out. >> now reason is out the window, officially out the window, because another passenger apparently had also offered up her seat to that woman. the woman is like, no, i want this one. so now you've got hot heads, you've got anger. >> it's bad. involved. >> this woman was trying to prove a point because that is designated seating. but at which point did you forget that your kids were there and your primary responsibility is to protect them. you just got yourself in a fight which puts them in danger. no word as to whether the police were called in this incident, but the video was posted and it's getting a lot of attention because of how ridiculous it is. down to australia where we're going to check in with one
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drag races you willl ever see. the guys between to stage, the lights are lit and now with this video going viral because of this -- >> oh, no! >> uh-oh, he's got problems in both lanes. both guys' bikes just meltdown right after the start. but watch what happens, ryan does not want to give up. maurice looks back over his shoulder and sees ryan pushing his bike down the lane. they are running for the finish. these men will not quit. >> you have to do this! if i were one of them, i would do the exact same thing. >> as the commentators describe it -- >> it is quite literally a sprint extravaganza! >> they are used to have a .4 second race and now they are still going. >> did somebody actually win this?
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>> this actually made it a lot more interesting. so i think everybody wins. let's bring it back stateside to montana for the bmw motorcycle owners of america where this guy chris mcneill has been traveling the country for ten years. he's brilliant with the bike. this video from the on youtube. the guy can handle a bike like nobody's business. tricks like this. chris can do the same style tricks with a loaded bmw 1200 gx. it's basically like taking your suv and doing stunts with it. chris putting on a heck of a show. >> i'm convinced this guy was born riding a motorcycle. >> yeah. it's time to give away another ipad mini. and guess what? today is bonus day. that means somebody's going to win a flat-screen tv. >> two winners today.
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buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> the rtm buzz word is coming by in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the rtm ipad giveaway. the bravery in this woman continues to boggle my mind. that car's windows busted out, everything but the windshield, and she sees the guy who did it. approaches the guy -- pieces. >> you will not believe the conversation she's about to have with this guy. >> why did you just smash my car to pieces? >> this is your car? >> yeah, this is my car. why did you just do that to my car? >> your car? >> speak up, dummy. what's your problem? >> now the guy does apologize, sort of, after he realizes, oh, that's your car? >> why? [ bleep ] you just smashed my car to pieces. >> he probably didn't know whose
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>> bingo. >> i am so sorry. >> yes. why did you smash my car? >> i don't care where you are from, mars, this guy just eats a tic-tac after this? >> he was just smoking a cigarette as well. that's very critical to what he says right here. that? because you're going to be arrested. >> woman nice. this guy just wants somewhere to sleep. >> he says he wants to be deported so clearly this guy may be having a hard time. but then things get really weird. >> you say that to my family vehicle because you want to be be -- now you're joking?
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>> he's not all there. and it clearly looks like he really needs some attention. >> i'm going to drag you by your station. >> there's the anger. she was holding it pretty chill the whole way through. >> he sees something because kate tells him earlier she's called the police. they show up, he starts running. she pursues a little bit but the camera goes blank. no word on what happened to this guy. kate suffers from multiple sclerosis but that does not stop her from going after this guy. the update on the adventure road trip. >> people send us a lot of admissions and we use them for our road trip. >> see what they encounter throughout their mission. and when one door closes another one opens. >> he built this in his shop. design. >> i just can't get over how clever this is. >> so smart.
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spokesbox: go pape closed captioning provided by -- safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me you have some great idea and you have to ask for permission. that happened to this guy. he wants to build a garage in the front of his shop and they said no. but he did it super special. you can see him bmw behind the window and think, that's a display shop. but quite simply with ingenuity, suddenly it opens a big window and hinges and he uses his key, i suppose, to then move the fake wall out of the way, put the two little mini ramps there and there
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>> that is just a big -- you planning commission. >> he followed the rules and got what he wanted. there you go. it's pretty cool. >> you can't tell one way or the other. it looks exactly like the front of the shop anyway. it's not like he put a big ugly door, which i understand why people wouldn't want a big ugly garage door in the neighborhood. >> oh, my god. i just can't get over how clever this is and how smart. >> take it one step further and automate it. i want to see a push button. >> the guy is ingenious. people love it. that guy is thinking outside the box and everybody is a winner. i love it. i've got an update on a story we started a couple of months back on our friend daniel ottman. daniel started the internet adventure club where he put together a website asking for people to send him missions that he would then follow and let
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>> we launched a website where people can submit a mission, which usually involves something or doing something fun. >> daniel and his cameraman take us a month before they ran out of money. they were wrong, it took them two months, and they hit 43 states, 13,000 miles and had a ball. >>remember, it didn't start off too well, though, because one of the first stories we had they got robbed, didn't they? >> yeah, somebody broke into their car, stole their luggage, but they recovered from that and continued on their journey. this is what the route looked like after two months on the road. coincidentally it's in the shape of a shark. >> he didn't jump the shark with this adventure. he did something that a lot of people including some at this table would enjoy doing. but good for him because so many people would be scared to do that. no matter their age, they wouldn't want to do that. look how many states he got to. >> he really saw what he set out
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his belt. >> for two months we lived on the road which means hundreds of bridgeses cooed crossed. several nights sleeping in the car, way too much fast food, one emergency road stop. >> daniel is essentially passing the torch if anybody else would like the take the reigns of the internet adventure club. daniel says we'll do everything to help facilitate that. this cat is seeking some snow fun. >> nala likes the snow. she enjoys getting out there. >> a look at her snowball smackdown game. plus, don't miss your shot to win big. it's bonus giveaway day meaning you can win an ipad mini or a flat-screen tv.
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frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. even if you are not a museum goer, you don't go to see art. it's okay because in spain art will come to you. for this project, several artists were commissioned to paint murals on canvases that will be traveling across the country delivering good but also displaying some really awesome urban art. the owner of the business that uses these trucks loves art and wanted to find a way to showcase some of the amazing artists include ing several.
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>> i just hope that people don't look at this too long while they're driving. >> oh, wow. >> this is one thing they need to do is they paint it on the back of the truck. it's been trapped behind them anyway. >> i would like to see the installation done with the canvases while off the trucks. have them all put up in the gallery. >> i would like to see this period because i don't want to see them painted over. >> but some of them are painted directly on the side of the box or container of each individual, but super awesome. i love how this guy decided to take this opportunity to promote these artists in such a novel unique kind of way. one of the artists that participated in this mural project, san miguel, is also responsible for another great project in spain called the gal's temple. he essentially had a bunch of different artists come together to revive this old abandoned church built in 1912.
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to give it some new life. they started painting the ceilings, the walls. from the outside the church looked like what it used to look like before, but the second you walk in, not only do you get this beautiful art, but if you're a skater, you get one of the most fantastic skate church parks ever. cats are an endless source of entertainment and videos on the internet. i give you, two, that might give you a little warm fuzzy on the inside. the first one, nala. such a cutie kitty cat. it's so funny, it's like a dog saying, let me in. it has extra fur coming out of her ears. >> it looks like she's wearing mittens, too. >> her name is nala and apparently nala likes the snow. do you want to come in with me? >> she doesn't want to come in, she wants company. >> she wants a playmate.
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door, it is play time. >> i love this cat. >> wait until the snowballs start flying. >> how funny. i didn't know cats got this into snow. >> it's so funny seeing her smacking snowballs. i mean, that's a great pet. this next cat thinks it's a dog and loves its vegetables, specifically broccoli. it's tug of war with broccoli. >> the cat is fighting with it, too. >> oh, yeah, look. watch. watch. >> no way. >> that cat doesn't want to let go of the broccoli. it's like, i don't want milk, kibbles, tuna a la carte, i want broccoli. >> that cat was relentless. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and enter the word.
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twitter every day. >> let's reveal the word today, base. >> just click on the win ipad button and enter the buzz word "base." b-a-s-e. >> it is bonus giveaway day. that means somebody is going to win a flat-screen tv! >> good luck, everybody! he's got a wonderful anniversary surprise for his girlfriend.
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it. that's what happens when you put dry ice into a water bottl hr that our very own oli pettigrew is celebrating his ninth anniversary today. congratulations, man. >> thank you. i should buy some flowers. >> or take a cue from this video because this guy is preparing a for her. he's got her a cake. he's got flowers, candles, how
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when she comes out -- oh, it's go on point. it works, she's in shock. >> oh, my gosh! >> don't do this, oli. don't do this part. >> what's on the cake? >> the candles are a little too on fire. the cake catches on fire. she grabs the roses. >> that's a stupid idea. >> did he buy a cake or a firework? >> i hope they have renter's insurance policy. >> oh, you wooly. >> they do manage to put the fire out. but at this point she's not happy. she's very confused. >> nick, you did something to the cake. >> you tried to burn your apartment down. >> he was trying to singe your eyebrows off. >> instead he's catching fireworks from her. >> seriously, come on.
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of this? no cake. >> are you serious? >> a little bit later he does redeem himself. do this, oli. >> buy sexy underwear. that's a gift for you. >> he brings the gift and she's super happy. >> oh, my god. >> we would like you to make it to ten. so close!
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a woman locks her car door as another driver heads her way. >> nucleus level of anger. >> why she had every reason to be afraid. after deputies rescue a dog, the story of how momma got her cody back. >> where did you find him? a perfect day for sightseeing. >> let's go to mexico. >> how to get the ultimate view over the sea of cortez. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini.


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